In 1999, She Took Her Dog Out For A Walk In Her Neighborhood But Hours Later Her Dog Was Discovered Alone And She Was Nowhere To Be Found

Kettering, Ohio. On February 7th, 1999 a 9-year-old girl named Erica Baker arrived back at her mom’s house on Pobst Drive in Kettering after spending time with her dad and her three brothers.

Erica’s parents were divorced, and she mainly lived with her mom, Melissa, but she did see her dad on weekends.

Shortly after Erica got home, she asked Melissa if it would be ok to see if any of her friends in the neighborhood were around to play with her.

After Melissa agreed, Erica set out into the dreary and rain-soaked afternoon to knock on their doors.

Erica’s friends didn’t happen to be home, and her new plan was to take the family’s Shih Tzu Jamie out for a walk.

Melissa initially told Erica that she could not take Jamie for a walk due to the rain, but Erica kept asking, and Melissa finally said yes.

So despite the bad weather, Erica slipped on her raincoat, attached Jamie’s leash, and exited through the back door of their home.

The little girl and her dog braved the elements to go on their walk sometime between 3 p.m. and 3:15 that afternoon.

Kettering Police Department; pictured above is Erica

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