Less Than A Month After This Little Girl Was Born, She Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Madison, Wisconsin. Elliott and Alex Luckenbill excitedly welcomed their little girl Eleanor into the world last month on September 4th.

“Two weeks with Eleanor and it’s been a dream,” Eleanor’s dad Alex wrote in an Instagram post celebrating his daughter. “I haven’t really slept so she is the real-life I dream.”

Just 21 days after Eleanor was born, her parents rushed her to a local hospital after she came down with a fever.

It was September 25th that Eleanor was admitted to the hospital, and just days later, Elliott and Alex got a horrifying diagnosis for her.

Eleanor, who was less than 1 month old at this point, was diagnosed as having cancer.

Childhood cancer is overwhelming enough to try to wrap your head around, but how does a child who hasn’t even spent a month on this earth get diagnosed with something that awful?

A few days ago on October 4th, Eleanor officially celebrated her one-month birthday. The week prior, she underwent her very first surgery to get a better understanding of what kind of cancer she has.

Instagram; pictured above is Eleanor with her mom

“The cancer type is a rare variation of an already rare cancer, Rhabdoid Tumor,” the Luckenbill’s loved ones wrote on a GoFundMe page.

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