Mom Walks Into Her Apartment To Grab Coats For Her Little Girls Only To Find That The Building Threw Out Everything She Owned

Kansas City, Kansas. My’Rohn Guthrie is a mom to two adorable girls, Royce & Ryin, and together they live in Kansas City, Kansas.

She frequently will stay with her grandmother instead of in her own apartment that she has since it’s closer to her job and less of a commute.

On October 25th, My’Rohn left work and returned to her apartment to pick up the winter coats for her girls since it was getting chilly out.

When she arrived and opened up her front door, she couldn’t believe what she found. Her apartment was empty.

There was not a single thing left inside her apartment. Her fridge was cleaned out, her furniture was gone, and even what she had in her basement was missing.

All of the handwritten messages and cards she kept from her loved ones? Gone. All of the birth certificates she had for herself and her girls? Gone. Her family photos? Gone. Social security cards? Gone.

Every single thing that My’Rohn and her girls owned was no longer in the apartment.

GoFundMe; pictured above are My’Rohn’s girls Royce and Ryin

“CAN YOU IMAGINE???????” she wrote in a Facebook post, along with a video of her completely cleaned-out apartment.

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