Mom Walks Into Her Apartment To Grab Coats For Her Little Girls Only To Find That The Building Threw Out Everything She Owned

“I came home to a literally empty house!!!!!! My house was FULLY furnished me and my kids both had Queen size beds, dressers, nightstands, lamps.”

“I had a living room set, dining room table, FOOD in the fridge. Y’ALL!!!! I go to the office to figure this out do you know they accidentally CLEANED out the WRONG unit!!!!!!!!”

“My apartment unit is 1331 they said they were supposed to clean out 1341. I am LIVID they literally threw all me and my kids’ stuff out. Like WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do y’all mix up the Wrong UNIT?!?!?!!!”

Facebook; pictured above is a screenshot of My’Rohn’s post where she revealed everything she owned was missing from her apartment

That’s a pretty enormous mistake for an apartment building to make, and My’Rohn isn’t sure how that happened considering she was all paid up and not about to be evicted or anything like that.

The worst part is, the apartment unit that’s 1341, the one that was supposed to be cleaned out, is not even close to where her apartment sits in the complex.

She did reach out to her apartment building, and they told her at first that she should go file a police report, which made no sense to her because it’s not like her apartment was broken into and stuff was stolen.

She then learned from one of her neighbors that staff at the complex had emptied everything out of her apartment and threw it into a dumpster.

Eventually, her apartment building admitted to making a mistake in which apartment they cleaned, and they offered to reimburse her, but the amount isn’t even close to what My’Rohn says her stuff was worth.

“Our apartment complex in Kansas City, KS wrongly and “accidentally” cleaned out our entire apartment, leaving us to start over from scratch,” My’Rohn wrote on a GoFundMe page.

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