She Ditched Her Maid Of Honor Right Before Her Wedding Over Some Pretty Spoiled Behavior

We all know brides can go off the deep end leading up to their big day, but it’s rarer to hear about the maid of honor in a wedding acting like, well, a bridezilla.

One poor 27-year-old bride-to-be ended up ditching her maid of honor right before her wedding over some pretty spoiled behavior that sounds more fitting of an entitled bride than a maid of honor.

This bride-to-be originally planned on having two bridesmaids and her one maid of honor, but she wound up having just her two bridesmaids standing up with her on her wedding day.

Just a few months before she tied the knot, she had no choice but to part ways with her maid of honor and pare down her wedding party.

Her maid of honor, Tara, has been her friend for close to a decade; 8 years to be exact.

Tara has always been the queen of the spotlight, and their friendship has worked out well since she doesn’t mind not being the center of attention.

She was aware that Tara was somewhat “spoiled” all along but being that she is also self-assured and outgoing, those other positive qualities made up for that.

Anyway, as soon as her boyfriend presented her with an engagement ring, she wasted no time extending an invite to Tara to be her maid of honor at her wedding.

Tara was elated to be given this position, and together, they arranged for Tara to get on a plane and travel to where she lives so they could shop for dresses with the other two women she invited to be bridesmaids.

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