She Ditched Her Maid Of Honor Right Before Her Wedding Over Some Pretty Spoiled Behavior

“Red flag, but when Tara arrived to stay with me, she asked what I made for dinner. I said, “you know I don’t cook” but she was very unpleasant and put out that I was not hosting her properly,” she explained.

“The next day, we did brunch with my flower girl (my daughter) and bridesmaids at this cute tea shop. She refused to interact with anyone, even after I paid for everyone’s food. She ignored my little daughter’s attempts to talk and asked when we could leave.”

“Our plans were to go to the dress shop, which I reminded her, but she said she didn’t feel well. So I said okay, we will send pics.”

Tara went back to her house, and she continued on to go shopping for dresses. She reached out to Tara several times while they were shopping to get Tara’s feedback on dresses.

Tara completely ignored her, and when she arrived home, Tara was sitting there tuned into a horror flick and snacking on chips.

She tried talking to Tara, who told her immediately to be quiet because she was watching her movie. The movie ended, Tara began another one and clicked the sound up louder so nobody could speak to her.

Tara kept on telling everyone to keep quiet while she didn’t take her eyes away from her second movie.

This bride-to-be felt that Tara was nothing but “rude” and “demanding” for the rest of the evening following that incident.

The day after, this bride-to-be ended up having a full-blown panic attack, while Tara left because “she was not being hosted properly.”

Tara accused her of making her feel completely anxiety-ridden, but this bride-to-be has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and it wasn’t really fair of Tara to throw that in her face as a reason to leave.

After Tara up and left town, she reached out to Tara to say that maybe it was time to think twice about agreeing to be the maid of honor.

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