She Made A Comment That She Prefers Sushi Over Children And She’s Telling The Internet One Of Her Family Members Got Mad About It

A woman and her husband who are in their early 30s have been with one another for more than 10 years, and during that time, they decided it was best for them to never have any children of their own.

She says that she does enjoy being around children, especially the ones in their family, but she and her husband don’t feel the desire to be parents.

Now, both of their families do know about their choice to not have children, since they have brought the subject up at various gatherings; someone even wanted to discuss it at their wedding.

Not too long ago, they purchased a brand new house that has 3 bedrooms and a big backyard.

They had a housewarming party to celebrate, and they invited their friends and family members over to see it.

At their party, someone who is married to one of her husband’s siblings, named Alex, started talking about how their new house would be perfect for kids.

Alex then got around to outright asking when they planned to start their family and have children in front of the other guests.

“I made a lighthearted joke about it, which is my go-to for this question. “Oh, well, I like sushi too much to have to give it up for a pregnancy,” she explained.

She then joked about having to hold off on alcohol, and she did her very best to make the question a non-issue.

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