She Refused To Take Off Her Glasses At Her Cousin’s Wedding And Now Her Aunt Is Getting Mean About Her Ruining The Wedding Photos

Then, the bridesmaids all got together to start heading into the wedding ceremony, and again, her aunt was all over her.

Her aunt insisted she had to remove her glasses, to which she pointed out she can’t see anything without them, so she didn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Her aunt then got on her about “a less flashy pair” but she only brought that pair of glasses, because Amy wanted her to wear them.

Amy tried to get involved and get her aunt to leave her alone, and they got into a small fight right before the ceremony started.

They get through the ceremony, start to take photos, and her aunt will not let the glasses thing go at all.

“Now it’s time for photos and yet again Amy’s mom is coming for my medically required accessibility aids,” she said.

“She tells me I’m ruining the photos and to take off my glasses. I protest that I can’t see without my glasses. She says I don’t need to see to smile. I say I’m not comfortable putting my glasses down somewhere strange and she offers to hold them for me.”

Her aunt just kept nagging her about her glasses, and Amy is attempting to get her to go along with it or get her mom to stop. What a mess.

At last, she has had enough of this, and she tells Amy and her aunt they can keep taking photos without her in them.

She walked off, but she did stay for the reception, where she stayed far away from Amy and her aunt.

Right before the night is done, she talks to Amy about everything, and Amy said she was sorry for how her mom behaved.

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