She Wants Her Fiancé To Redo The Proposal Because She Hates The Ring And The Story

A 26-year-old woman has spent the past 4 years with her 27-year-old fiancé, and their relationship has been wonderful for the most part despite the fact that they couldn’t be more different.

She describes herself as nerdy and introverted, and she doesn’t place a great deal of importance on romance. In contrast, her fiancé is sporty, outgoing, and highly romantic.

Now, this couple talked about marriage, and she was aware that a proposal was on the way.

She made it very clear she did not want an elaborate ring since she does have a tendency to lose important pieces of jewelry.

On top of that, she has issues with the diamond industry as a whole, so she really just wanted something simple, plain, and diamond-free.

As for the proposal itself, she saw a very public one go wrong not that long ago, so she told her fiancé she would really love it if he asked the question while they were at home watching TV alone or something.

Additionally, her parents have what she considers to be a cute proposal story. Her dad got so nervous about proposing to her mom that instead of popping the question the way he had planned out, he ended up asking her in the car.

For her own proposal, she didn’t want an audience, she didn’t want anything crazy; she just wanted everything to be quiet and private.

She full-on expected that when her fiancé asked to marry her, it would be just the two of them, and not done in an over-the-top way.

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