She Was A Teen When She Miscarried At 17 Weeks And Then She Was Found Guilty Of Manslaughter

The National Advocates for Pregnant Women has since gotten involved with fighting for her to get an appeal.

“On Tuesday, October 5, Brittney Poolaw, a 20-year-old Oklahoma woman, was convicted of manslaughter in the first degree for experiencing a miscarriage at 17 weeks and sentenced to 4 years in state prison,” the National Advocates for Pregnant Women said in a statement.

“Contrary to all medical science, the prosecutor blamed the miscarriage on Ms. Poolaw’s alleged use of controlled substances.”

“On October 5, after just a one-day trial, Ms. Poolaw was convicted and sentenced to a four-year prison term. Ms. Poolaw’s case is a tragedy.”

“She has suffered the trauma of pregnancy loss, has been jailed for a year and half during a pandemic, and was charged and convicted of a crime without basis in law or science. We are supporting Ms. Poolaw as she explores her legal options, and we are working to ensure that this type of injustice does not happen again.”

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