She Was Found Dumped In The Woods After Going Missing Around A Month Ago And A Man Was Just Charged With Her Kidnapping And Murder

Charlotte, North Carolina. 30-year-old Miranda Springs was a mom to two young children who lived in Charlotte. Miranda’s loved ones say she was a sweet young woman who was beautiful outside as well as inside.

Around a month ago, Miranda disappeared, and there were initially very few clues into her disappearance.

Miranda’s mom Robin Linker explained in a Facebook post dated October 4th that Miranda went missing on September 18th.

“If anyone has seen Miranda Springs or has any information on her please let us know,” Robin wrote.

“Last time she was seen was Saturday 18th at 2 AM pulled over at Tony’s bar parking lot off Moores Chapel.”

Robin also revealed in the post that Miranda’s car was seen after that with a man behind the wheel, and it was then found in a wreck several days later on September 25th at around 4:55 in the morning.

Facebook; pictured above is Miranda

Robin had driven down the bar Miranda was last seen at to check and find out if they had any more information on her, but they didn’t.

The video footage the bar’s security cameras potentially picked up from when Miranda was last seen had already been gone by the time Robin was able to figure out Miranda’s last whereabouts since the video only was kept for 2 weeks.

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