She Was Kidnapped While Sunbathing On A Beach 26 Years Ago And Someone Witnessed The Whole Thing

This happened at 12:45, but the man with the telescope waited a bit to contact 911, later saying that he thought perhaps the man was Heather’s boyfriend just playing a joke on her.

When authorities came out to Newburgh Beach, there was no sign of Heather, but they did find pieces of the red plaid bathing suit she had been wearing close to where she was last seen.

Authorities also apparently discovered a few more pieces of evidence that they have not made public, but none of those things have answered the question of where Heather was taken.

While investigating Heather’s disappearance, authorities spoke to a farmer who was out with a camera that day, just down the street from the beach. He was trying to catch who was responsible for destroying local crops on video.

That farmer did catch something interesting with his camera…a red and white-colored Ford Bronco parked right alongside the car that Heather drove.

Facebook; Heather smiles in the photo above

Using that information, investigators narrowed in on a suspect; Marvin Ray Dill, who also went by the name Marty.

Marvin drove the exact car that was seen next to Heather’s went she went missing. He had a criminal record. And when authorities pulled him over for a traffic stop in his Bronco, he had some eery items inside.

A rope, two knives, rubber gloves, two guns, duct tape, and a strand of hair that looked like it belonged to Heather were all found inside of Marvin’s Bronco.

Drops of blood dotted the inside of the Bronco’s tailgate.

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