She Was Last Seen Walking Alone Near A Highway As She Held A Piece Of Paper And Then This 16-Year-Old Disappeared

Chalfant Valley, California. On October 13th, 2018, 16-year-old Karlie Gusé was seen by several different people walking down a street not far from where she lived in Chalfant Valley, California.

Everyone who saw her walking down the street towards Highway 6 that Saturday around dawn said she held a piece of paper as she went along somewhat disorientedly.

Highway 6 runs all the way from Bishop, California (Karlie lived around 10 miles north of where the highway started), to Massachusetts.

But why would Karlie be headed alone towards the highway? Right outside of Karlie’s town, it goes right into the barren desert of Nevada.

Facebook; Karlie is pictured above

Karlie’s family reported her as missing later on in the day, and among them her stepmom Melissa was the last person to see Karlie at home.

At first, Melissa said she woke up around 5:30 the morning Karlie disappeared and she noticed her step-daughter was in bed, lying down and awake.

Melissa went back to bed, woke up again at 7:15, and Karlie was nowhere to be found. However, all of her things were still in the house, like her cellphone. That’s certainly something you would think a person would take with them if they planned on leaving home.

Then, Melissa told a different story of what happened that morning. Speaking to Dr. Phil, she explained she was sleeping in the same bed as Karlie and was upset to wake up and find her step-daughter not there.

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