She Was Shot Dead In A Cabin And Her Killer Allegedly Mistook Her For His Ex-Girlfriend

Facebook; pictured above is Bethany with a dolphin

Cameron has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Court documents reveal that Cameron used to be in a relationship with the daughter of the past owner of the resort.

The week before Cameron murdered Bethany, he showed up at the resort to ask about his ex.

Sheriff Scott Goddard spoke to the StarTribune, saying that it seems Cameron was trying to kill his ex, but he mistook Bethany for that woman since they look quite similar.

Bethany’s family and the ex of Cameron’s family agreed that seemed a very likely possibility.

Bethany was a talented horse trainer, and she loved horses as well as people, too. Her loved ones say she was always quick with a smile and a laugh.

She was big-hearted, honest, patient, gentle, caring, gracious, and a joy to spend time with.

Facebook; pictured above Bethany smiles while skiing

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