She Was Stabbed In The Back and Forced To Deliver Her Baby Just 5 Months Into Her Pregnancy But Thankfully They Have Both Been Discharged From The Hospital

Christopher was denied bond, and as he sat behind bars at the DeKalb County jail, Valerie was still lying in a hospital bed, and her newborn son was in the NICU.

Facebook; pictured above is a screenshot of the post from the Brookhaven Police Department regarding the stabbing

Valerie was released from the hospital after about a week of being there to undergo several procedures, but her baby, whom she and her husband named Theodore Jude, was unable to be released.

Theodore had to have two different procedures done on his intestines, he had something called a ventricular assist device implanted into his head to take out excess fluid that had built up there, and he also had a shunt placed.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Theodore in the NICU

He was diagnosed with a brain bleed, and he required oxygen and a feeding tube. Theodore’s entry into the world was met with many challenges, and after spending months in the NICU, he recently was able to go home to his family.

“We finally made it home! Friday, October 8,” Valerie wrote in an update on October 14th. “Thank you to Egleston NICU! So many nurses, doctors, and specialists came by to say goodbye. They loved our boy so much and we couldn’t be here without the amazing team and hospital.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Valerie with her husband and Theodore

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