She’s Considering Calling CPS On Her Brother So She Can Get Custody Of Her 4-Year-Old Niece But She’s Asking The Internet To Weigh In

“Neither of them are very stable adults, always getting evicted and have some problems with substance abuse (allegedly).”

“It’s obvious Anna’s dental care has been neglected entirely by both of them, and they’re making no effort to change.”

Now, she and her husband are not exactly rich from a financial perspective, though they are able to care for Anna and make sure she actually has what she needs.

If CPS saw the condition Anna was in and got involved, she’s positive her brother and Anna’s mother would absolutely be found “guilty of neglect.”

Since there are no other family members that she and her brother have that could offer Anna a great home, she believes it would not be hard for her to get custody of Anna.

She wants to do this even just temporarily so that Anna is being properly cared for until her brother and Anna’s mother could clean up their acts.

She is very concerned that she might be a terrible person for calling CPS on her brother since she thinks Anna is doing alright in other parts of her life.

However, she has been informed that Anna does continuously get lice and that Anna’s mom never does anything to fix the situation.

She isn’t certain if her hormones are acting up and she’s reacting dramatically, or if this whole situation with Anna really warrants her stepping in.

She knows she will never have a relationship with her brother ever again if she calls CPS, and she also is aware their parents will cut her out too.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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