She’s Considering Calling CPS On Her Brother So She Can Get Custody Of Her 4-Year-Old Niece But She’s Asking The Internet To Weigh In

“…Place that call to CPS. Just to remind you, they’re not just there to take the kids away. So, you calling CPS isn’t weaponizing them and it doesn’t have to result in them taking someone’s kids away. Sometimes they give tips, advice and have access to resources your brother might need.”

“Yes, they certainly could take Anna away from them and place her in your custody. But the important thing for you to realize is, you wouldn’t be making that decision. They would. After they investigate what’s going on.”

“So, place the call to CPS. Let them decide what needs to be done. All you need do is say that you are willing and able to take care of Anna if it comes to that.”


“You’re not wrong to be concerned. I know you don’t want to over-react, but this is a potentially life-threatening level of medical neglect. That child needs professional evaluation and CPS is the appropriate agency to help.”


“That little girl is in severe pain from tooth decay, and she isn’t getting an adequate diet or her teeth wouldn’t all be rotted away.”

“Her heart might already be affected by the tooth decay. The constant irritation from lice, and the bullying she may experience because of all this are other considerations.”

“She’s being abused, so please call CPS.”


“That little girl needs you to advocate for her.”

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