She’s Telling The Internet She Cut A Friend Out Of Her Life After Fearing She Would Steal Her Unborn Baby

This is a creepy one for you, and some people are even saying this sounds like the beginning of a horror film.

A mom wants to know if it was ok for her to cut a friend out of her life…because she was afraid she would steal her unborn baby while she was pregnant.

While it might sound kind of crazy, there certainly have been several real-life instances where pregnant women had their babies stolen from them before they were even born.

Anyway, this woman our story is about is 23-years-old and pregnant, and her questionable friend is 24, named J.

She met J back in 2018, and she quickly learned that J had suffered a stillbirth and then struggled with lung cancer 2 years before she met her.

It was 3 years ago this October that this woman learned that she was pregnant, and at the same time, J was suffering a miscarriage.

J ended up being the very first one of her friends that she shared her pregnancy news with. She clarified that she did tell her partner and friends about her pregnancy first, but she felt the most comfortable sharing the news with J before sharing it with the other girls in the group they were in.

Then, a few weeks after she shared her pregnancy news with J, she wound up going to J’s home for brunch that December.

And this is where things start to get weird…

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