She’s Telling The Internet She Cut A Friend Out Of Her Life After Fearing She Would Steal Her Unborn Baby

“J kept saying she KNEW I was having a girl (for context-her stillborn was a girl) and that she was already buying my baby dresses and pink girly stuff, and bought me a pink maternity dress for a photo shoot,” she explained.

What bothered her about this was that J never asked or told her about all of this.

“She also said when she was buying some pregnancy items, the cashier asked when she was due and she went along with it and said my due date,” she continued.

“She also said she’d be in the delivery room with me, that she was glad the baby might look like her so she can pretend it’s hers when she babysits and was referring to the baby as “my baby”.”

At this point in the conversation at brunch, she was wildly uneasy, but she did not say a word about it to J.

“A couple of weeks later and she was calling my fiancé her baby daddy, and even said, “I’m the baby’s godmother right?” If she and I were close I could understand the assumption, but this girl didn’t even know my last name,” she pointed out.

It was then in February of 2019 that she and J spent time again for a game night with some of their other friends.

At the end of the night, they both left at the same time, and since they live somewhat on the same way home, theirs cars passed one another.

She made it home, texted her friends to say that she arrived, and then she was shocked to see J text back that she was had been driving way too fast.

Here’s how that exchange went:

J: “You weren’t paying attention at the light though”.

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