The Love Of Her Life Is Terminally Ill So They’re Getting Married And Her Mom Isn’t Invited Because Of The Awful Things She Said About Him

A 21-year-old woman has a 22-year-old fiancé who sadly has cancer, and it is terminal.

After 3 years of dating is when they learned that his cancer was not something he was going to survive, and so this couple made the decision that they want to get married and enjoy the rest of the time that he has on this earth as a married couple.

“When I told my mum, she strongly discouraged me from getting married to him,” she explained.

“She said there’s no point in getting married to someone who’s just going to die soon after. She was saying things like “do you really want to be a 21-year-old widow?” and “what will those wedding photos even look like? Do you want wedding photos where you’re standing next to a groom who looks all sick?”

Obviously, those are absolutely awful things to say about someone who is dying, and it’s crazy to think that her mom would be anything but supportive of this relationship.

“I was really disgusted by how cruel she was being about my fiancé and his illness,” she continued.

“I decided she wouldn’t be invited to my wedding unless she genuinely apologized. When she finally did apologize it wasn’t genuine, it was like “well I’m sorry, I just wanted to share my concerns” and “it’s just my opinion, I’m allowed to have an opinion, aren’t I?”

So, her mom is not actually sorry in the least, which makes you wonder if she would make her opinions known to all the guests at the wedding should she get her invitation back.

Her mom is accusing her of being a terrible person for disinviting her to the wedding, and her mom maintains she is only “sharing an opinion.”

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