These 7 Upsetting Things Happened To People In Real Life And They Could Be Plot Lines For Horror Films


“There was a bus stop by my jr. High where I would catch the bus to go home. In the house 20 feet away, there was a man kept in a garage being tortured and eventually murdered. The owner of the house used to sit on the front steps and wave to us as we walked by.”

“I only found out because years later I saw a documentary of the case. Blew my mind.”


“Early 80s I was visiting my cousin in Cincinnati. We played with the neighborhood kids all summer. The week I was leaving the family that lived two houses down from my cousin, the husband came home from work and killed his family with an ax. There were 4 kids, his wife and he took himself out with a shotgun.”


“There was a family a few towns away from mine that was caught abusing a little boy that had never seen the light of day. I do not remember all of the details completely as it’s been decades since this happened.”

“And I’ve searched for news articles and have never been able to find them. I think it happened far back enough to be print only. Before the turn of the century (mid-80s).”

“I have one friend who lived in the community and said it was the most horrific event she’s ever heard of. She went to elementary with the girl. It was a small town so it rocked the community pretty bad.”

“It was mom, grandma, a daughter, and the boy. Apparently, mom and grandma hated men so bad that they felt the need to take it out in this little boy. The young girl went to school and apparently seemed as normal as any other school kid.”

“When they found him, he was duct-taped from head to toe, with a mouth and eye holes…He had burns up and down his body from having been in contact with his own waste.”

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