This 17-Year-Old Was Uninvited To Her Brother’s Wedding Because It’s Now Child-Free

A 17-year-old says that her 25-year-old brother was set to be married last year, but those wedding plans fell through after her sister-in-law discovered that she was expecting.

There was no more news up when the wedding would be rescheduled for, and then a few weeks ago her brother and sister-in-law shared some pretty big news.

The couple announced that they already got married, but that they want to have a real wedding party at her the mansion that belongs to her sister-in-law’s aunt.

She was thrilled to learn that the wedding was back on, and when her older sister and sister-in-law asked to speak to her by herself, she figured it was to invite her to be part of the wedding party.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t have been more wrong. They didn’t want to talk to her about being in the wedding… they wanted to talk to her about being excluded entirely.

“Apparently, the aunt said kids weren’t allowed at her mansion but she’d allow my sister’s daughter (flower girl) and my brother’s baby to be at the ceremony for 20 minutes so they could take pictures than they had to leave or she’d shut down the wedding,” she explained.

Her sister and sister-in-law sat there and told her that she was considered a child, despite the fact that she’s 17, so she was not going to get to go at all.

“…They decided I’d babysit along with the bride’s 16-year-old cousin a total of 9 kids as a way of being involved in the wedding without being there,” she continued.

After that, her sister-in-law brought up how she should babysit while they went on their honeymoon as a wedding present, while her sister insisted she should watch her children the night of the wedding since she wanted to drink.

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