This 5-Month-Old Little Boy Is In Need Of A Double Lung Transplant After Being Diagnosed With A Terrible Condition

“After the doctors tried to do a procedure to help Kaden, that failed, they told Olivia and Mykel that there was nothing more they could do for Kaden, other than keep him comfortable until he passed away.”

“Distraught, they prayed, they prayed so hard for a miracle. They were in disbelief, heartbroken, devastated.”

“If it wasn’t for his Mom making him a doctor’s appointment, or his doctor noticing something was wrong, what would have happened then?”

The day after Kaden was given this terrible diagnosis, a UNC Chapel Hill doctor said that they would be willing to see Kaden, and so he was airlifted to that hospital.

While there, Kaden underwent surgery and was put on an ECMO machine, which helps to oxygenate his blood.

Now, doctors are saying that this little 5-month-old boy most likely needs to undergo a double lung transplant.

“At this point, the only option may be a double lung transplant.. but since he is only 5 months that comes with so many extra risks,” Malisa shared in an update.

“Olivia said he can’t be on ECMO for long term…while they wait if a transplant is an option.”

Kaden’s medical bills continue to pile up, and his future is very uncertain at this point. A hospital in Texas is currently reviewing Kaden’s case to see if they will accept him for the transplant.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe created to help cover Kaden’s medical expenses, you can do that here.

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