This Bride And Groom Told Their Guests They Wanted A Device-Free Wedding Ceremony And Then Their 4-Year-Old Niece Ruined It

The groom said no for a second time, and his brother wasn’t willing to let it go that easily.

“He said that if she didn’t have it, she would make a fuss, and “the missus wouldn’t want that ruining her big day, now would she?” the groom recalled.

That comment really rubbed him the wrong way because his wife wasn’t the one to dictate the no device rule, it was a choice that they had made with one another.

“I told him if he couldn’t respect it, then his daughter could wait outside with either him or his wife. But her iPad wouldn’t be in there,” he continued.

Anyway, fast forward to the wedding ceremony and his brother is up there as his best man.

“And then it happens,” he wrote.

“Middle of the ceremony, we hear “We finally found the perfect house” and then some fumbling as my SIL is trying to get the iPad to shut off and my niece starts to whine. Some ad started playing as my niece was playing a game.”

He was upset, and his wife was upset. Despite that, they attempted to brush it off and keep going with the ceremony. The ceremony finished and then the reception started.

At the reception, his brother and sister-in-law rushed up to him and his wife to mention that they did not realize the volume was high up on the iPad.

They made their daughter say sorry for what happened, and then his wife stated that it was simply disrespectful that it even happened in the first place.

His brother then complained it wasn’t right for his wife to state that, but he countered with it wasn’t right he let his daughter have the iPad knowing they wanted the ceremony to be device-free.

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