This Dad Straight-Up Told His 6-Year-Old Daughter Her Name Really Is Stupid And He’s Asking The Internet If Maybe He Was In The Wrong

One dad recently revealed that he straight-up told his 6-year-old daughter that her name really is stupid after she came home upset that she got bullied in school over her name.

Oh, and as for what his daughter’s name is? It’s Mildred. His wife insisted that they had to name her that, even though he tried his best to get her to change her mind.

“Who even names their kid Mildred anymore? Are we in the 19th century or something? And plus I know how kids are,” he explained.

Well, he went to get his daughter yesterday from school, and he was surprised as she sat silently in the car.

She wouldn’t tell him why she was upset at first, but then she told him that one of the kids at school made a mean remark about her name.

They said it was a name for a grandma.

“She said she didn’t like her name anymore, and I tried to sympathize by saying, “I’m sorry kiddo. Yeah, I never liked your name either,” he said.

“I thought it was a stupid name when I first heard it, but everyone in the family thought it was okay, and I got shot down. But on the bright side, you can change it when you get older.”

When those words left his house, they had already pulled into their garage, and his daughter was very upset to hear that he didn’t like her name.

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