This Guy Made His Wife Return A $900 Necklace She Bought With His Money And He’s Telling The Internet She Never Asked Him First

“She nervously said she wasn’t sure that I was going to get her anything for her birthday and so she planned ahead and bought the necklace. She said that she used my money because …obviously the gift is supposed to come from me.”

He was very upset that she went out and spent $900 on a gift for herself, especially since he did get her a present. On top of that, money is tight for them and $900 is a lot.

He said to his wife that he bought the exact gift she told him she wanted, so he expected her to return the $900 necklace she got.

His wife told him she wasn’t going to return the necklace at all, before accusing him of being “selfish” and “heartless” for suggesting she do that.

She offered to return the $300 bracelet he had purchased for her, but he argued back about that. In the end, she did return the necklace, but not before calling him “a controlling jerk” who doesn’t care about how she feels at all.

His wife even dragged her sister into their disagreement, and her sister said some really unkind things to him. Two weeks have now passed since this whole thing, and his wife really isn’t speaking to him at all now.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Holy cow, money is not tight for our family, but I would freak out (in a bad way) if my husband bought me something for $900! That is insane, setting aside the fact that she STOLE the money.”


“I ain’t saying she a golddigger….”


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