This Guy Really Doesn’t Want To Buy His Girlfriend An Expensive Engagement Ring And Now That She Knows, She’s Upset

She was very upset with him and she didn’t consider the price range she was looking at to be that much money.

The two of them got into an enormous fight, and in the end, he let her know that it was unreasonable of her to expect him to spend the amount she wanted him to.

His girlfriend accused him of being “cheap” and not thinking that she was “worth it” before she insisted he would be able to buy a more expensive ring for her.

“I told her no one is worth a $10,000 ring…,” he continued.

His girlfriend did relent and said he could get any ring and she no longer had an opinion on it, but he knows she continues to be upset.

He feels blindsided by the fact that she’s mad about the ring featuring a diamond and being in a specific price range.

He decided to ask his sister to help him weigh in on the situation, and his sister thinks that because a higher-priced ring is something he can afford to buy, he should get the ring his girlfriend wants.

His sister then pointed out how much his girlfriend has been there for him since the beginning of the relationship.

For instance, not long after dating his girlfriend, he was involved in a bad car crash that left him needing several surgeries.

He also was not able to have a job for a period of time and fell behind on things he needed to pay for.

During this tough spot in his life, his girlfriend allowed him to live with her without paying rent and she even paid for him to go to physical therapy. After that, she landed him a job working for her uncle.

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