This Person Is Telling The Internet That They’re Not Letting Their Homeless Pregnant Sister Live With Them Because She Wants To Bring Her Frog Too

This person did suggest that their sister find a friend to care for her frog/toad, but she refused to do that and make her pet other accommodations.

“She says it’s her emotional support pet so she can’t just leave it with her boyfriend. She’s still looking for a place to stay but her stuff is with me,” they continued.

They’re left wondering if they’re the worst for leaving their sister out of a place to live like this, but she won’t let the frog/toad go somewhere else.

Sister and frog/toad are a package deal.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“The only frog I’ve heard of as a pet is Neville’s from Harry Potter lmao.”


“An emotional support frog? Nope. Roam freely? How the hell does she know where it is? You do not have to let her bring an animal that repulses you into your home.”

“She can either temporarily leave it with bf or let it roam free outside where frogs are supposed to be.”


“Most frogs kept as pets need a lot of very specific things to be kept properly………unless it’s some wild frog she found off the street.”

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