This Rescue Puppy Snuck Out The Front Door And Got Hit By A Car So Her Family Is Trying To Raise The $15,000 Needed For Her Life Saving Surgery

Minneapolis, Minnesota. Secondhand Hounds first opened back in 2009, and in the 12 years since then, the non-profit has worked to save the lives of more than 22,000 different animals.

An adorable black and white puppy named Ludo is luckily one of those animals rescued by Secondhand Hounds, based in Minnetonka.

Ludo was fostered by a woman named Holly Ann before she found her forever home last year when one of Holly’s friends officially adopted the little girl.

Unfortunately, just yesterday Ludo had a terrible accident. Ludo’s family has a young girl who opened up the front door to head to school yesterday morning, and somehow, Ludo managed to sneak right out along with her.

Ludo began running as soon as she was out the door.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Ludo last year as a little puppy

“Her tiny feet ran all the way onto a busy street where she was struck by a car,” Holly wrote on a GoFundMe page she created for Ludo.

The person who hit Ludo with their car had their bumper come off in the process and they still didn’t even stop; they kept going.

“Today, I am opening up and asking for a little help….this morning our little pup was hit by a car,” Ludo’s family explained.

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