His Fiancée Expects Him To Get Up At Their Wedding And Lie About How They Met To All Their Guests And She’s Threatening To Call Off The Wedding If He Doesn’t

Oh, and his fiancée wants him to keep going with the lies.

She has more requirements for what he needs to be dishonest about in the speech.

“There are other lies that she wants me to go along with too,” he said.

“For example, I inherited a house from my grandparents but she is asking me to tell all her friends and family that I myself paid for and “bought her” the house because she is so special.”

It’s important to his fiancée that he lies about their house because she wants her friends to be jealous of her, and she already told this lie to all of her loved ones.

Meanwhile, his loved ones and friends are already aware of the fact that he inherited their house, so she fully expects him to tell them to pretend to believe what he’s saying in the speech and not say a word about that lie at the wedding.

He did say to his fiancée that he doesn’t want to go through with giving a speech that contains these lies, and since then, she’s accusing him of not caring about her feelings and instead prioritizing what other people will think over her.

Not only that, she threw it in his face that she needs to stop and think about if she really wants to spend her life with a man who will not take “her side.”

“She gave me an ultimatum that we won’t get married if I don’t agree and hasn’t talked to me for days,” he concluded. Ouch.

How would you deal with this?

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