38 Years Ago This Teen Left Her House With A Male Friend, Who Later Said They Got Into An Argument Before She Disappeared

And then, July 6th, 1983 came around. Tammy left her mom’s house in Rockledge that morning to go with a male friend of hers to Cocoa Beach.

Tammy’s mom recalled that she didn’t take the time to brush her hair before leaving with her friend, which seemed out of character to her mom.

Tammy’s friend picked her up and drove that day, but at some point during their time together, they got into a disagreement.

Tammy’s friend would later say that he left her in a parking lot close to the Glass Bank and that was it; he had no further contact with her.

After that, Tammy went missing.

Tammy’s sister Suzanne has created a website and Facebook page to help try to find her, and Suzanne has previously said she thought Tammy might have been 3 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

“The police have looked into her being a Christopher Wilder (serial killer) victim, but was never linked to him; I do not think Christopher Bernard Wilder had anything to do with Tammy’s disappearance or John Crutchley (The Vampire Rapist), who recently died in prison,” Suzanne explained about her sister.

It’s now been 38 years since Tammy vanished, and Suzanne is still positive that she will have answers sometime soon about what happened to her sister.

National Center For Missing & Exploited Kids; pictured above is an age-progressed photo of Tammy

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