6 Years Ago She Excused Herself At A Restaurant To Use The Bathroom, But Instead She Walked Out Of The Place Then Disappeared And Her Mom Has Mortgaged Her House In The Hunt To Find Her

Point Arena, California. It was September 21st, 2015 when Asha Kreimer walked into the Rollerville Cafe to have breakfast that morning, along with her boyfriend and a friend of hers.

Asha was there that day because her boyfriend and her friend were trying to make her feel better by taking her out to eat at one of her favorite places in the area.

During breakfast, Asha excused herself to use the bathroom. Instead of coming back to the table, she walked out of the Rollerville Cafe and her loved ones haven’t seen or heard from her in the 6 years since that happened.

Asha had been struggling with her mental health and was described by her mom and sister as “emotionally distraught” in the days before she sat down at the Rollerville Cafe.

“It has not been verified why she wasn’t acting herself leading up to her disappearance,” Asha’s loved ones wrote on a Facebook page created to help find her.

When Asha disappeared, she did not have her wallet, her purse, or her shoes with her. She had no money, no phone, and no identification. She was dressed in a grey colored hoodie and black skinny jeans.

Facebook; pictured above is Asha

Jeannie Kreimer, Asha’s mom, said in a Facebook live video that given the information Asha’s boyfriend and friends provided her with, it seemed likely that Asha had suffered from a sudden psychotic episode.

It’s worth mentioning here that on Asha’s paternal side of the family, her relatives have a history of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

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