6 Years Ago She Excused Herself At A Restaurant To Use The Bathroom, But Instead She Walked Out Of The Place Then Disappeared And Her Mom Has Mortgaged Her House In The Hunt To Find Her

Witnesses have told her mom that Asha has always been in the company of several men who always insist that she needs to leave with them before having her get into a white, older style truck.

Asha is originally from Australia, and that’s where her mom Jeannie still lives.

Jeannie travels about every few months from Australia to California to hang up flyers and keep asking locals if they have any information related to Asha’s case.

Jeannie has mortgaged her house to help fund the hunt for Asha, as it has proven an incredibly expensive process for Jeannie to keep searching for her daughter, especially given the fact that she lives across the world.

Jeannie says that Asha is a very level, sensible person. She genuinely believes that Asha may have been under some kind of stress that then triggered her downward spiral emotionally, though Asha never revealed to her mom what the stress could have been.

Asha is the type of young woman who never liked to burden her mom with any problems she was facing, so Jeannie thinks there had to be more her daughter was struggling with or experiencing than Asha ever let on.

Asha is 5’10” and around 135 pounds. She has brown, curly hair and brown eyes. She has a distinctive triangle-shaped tattoo on one of her wrists.

She is kind, humorous, and she adores animals.

Facebook; pictured above is Asha’s triangle-shaped tattoo

If you see Asha, her family is asking that you call the tip line set up for her at 213.986.7671.

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