9 People Discuss The Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries That They Have Ever Heard Of

Spend enough time on the internet, and you’ll come to find that are plenty of mysteries across the world that have yet to be solved.

Below, these 9 people discuss the creepiest unsolved mysteries that they have ever heard of. Hopefully, these mysteries will finally be solved soon.

Mary Shotwell Little

“Mary Shotwell Little has always kept me up at night. Went missing after shopping at Lenox Mall in Atlanta in 1965.”

“She was a newlywed so she was called the Missing Bride. She was reported missing by coworkers the next morning but her car was no longer in the Lenox parking lot.”

“Her husband was out of town and when he returned and went to Lenox to look for her, her car was now there.”

“The car had her groceries, blood spots, and a folded pair of women’s underwear on the console.”

“Lots of weird details in this case like the car being returned in daylight, her credit card being used and her being spotted in NC under duress and with two men. Her body has never been found and the case is still unsolved.”


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