A New Pet Wellness Center In Minnesota Will Provide Services To Pet Owners Who Are Struggling To Financially Support Their Furry Friends

Due to lost jobs and reduced wages, more pet owners have been forced to “surrender” their pets to shelters and rescues.

“With over one million animals being euthanized annually, this does not make any sense,” wrote SecondHand Hounds, “We believe that any heart that has room for an animal should have one.”

The construction of CDPWC, located at 2501 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis, has already started. It is anticipated to open by early winter.

Expanded services will also be rolled out over the next year.

If you would like to support this extremely important cause, SecondHand Hounds welcomes any form of help you can provide.

“Volunteering, donating products, and supporting through cash donations are just a few ways!” they wrote. Simply visit this link to get started.

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