A Pharmacy’s Mistake Almost Cost This Mini Australian Shepherd His Life And They’re Not Willing To Make It Right Because They Consider Pets To Be Property

A few weeks ago, Tina Anderson experienced a dog mom’s worst nightmare with her 5-year old Mini Australian Shepherd, Archer.

Tina explained on a GoFundMe page when their troubles began: “his veterinarian wrote a prescription for him to try a very low dose of fluoxetine to try to help his anxiety.”

But what should have been a simple trip to the pharmacy turned into a life-threatening situation. 

Within days, Archer suffered severe symptoms including “involuntary muscle spasms, twitching, loss of motor function, and extreme confusion.” 

Tina took him to an emergency clinic where veterinarians discovered the source of the toxicity; the pharmacy correctly labeled his prescription on the bottle but had filled it with the wrong pills.

Pet poison control created a treatment plan in the hopes of stabilizing Archer. “His care is now split between two emergency clinics with specialty care,” Tina explained. “One in Ohio and one in Michigan.” 

Rite Aid refuses to acknowledge their responsibility or pay Archer’s medical bills outright, despite the extreme circumstances.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Archer

Tina continues to pursue the matter but has received mixed messages from Rite Aid’s legal department, though they may be investigating the situation.

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