A Storm Surge Nearly Killed This Family When Three Redwood Trees Crushed Their RV

“Our dog had just passed the night before,” Danielle explained, “I think he was our guardian angel saving Matthew’s life.”

“The other side of the bed is completely flattened and that’s where Danielle sleeps,” Matthew added, “So if she had laid down to rest with me, she probably would have been dead.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is the RV after the accident

Dave White, Matthew’s friend and coworker, has organized a GoFundMe on behalf of the family. Besides the disastrous RV accident, Matthew and Danielle also had to put their dog Maui down just the night before. Maui had been suffering from a lung tumor at only nine months old.

Now, the family is battling both the financial and emotional tolls of losing their beloved puppy and home.

“Matthew and his family are now resting at a Best Western, no doubt working on a plan for the near future,” White wrote.

“Please consider a donation for Matthew and his family to help with the cost of removing the trees and destroyed RV, hospital bills, veterinary bills, and lodging costs until he has a more permanent solution.”

The GoFundMe, which has a goal of fifteen thousand dollars, has reached just over eleven thousand dollars in contributions. Friends, coworkers, and the greater community have all joined together to support the family.

“Matthew is one of the most stand-up guys I know. A credit to his family and his company,” wrote Digby Christian, who donated five hundred dollars.

“Matthew has a heart of gold! Wishing him and his family a speedy recovery. You’ve got team support here!” wrote Anabella Pinon, who donated one hundred and fifty dollars.

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