A Terrible Headache And Numbness In Her Arm Turned Out To Be A Heart Attack: Now Her Sister Has Organized A Heartfelt GoFundMe For Her As She Recovers

East Troy, Wisconsin. Lindsey Marie, from East Troy, Wisconsin, has organized a GoFundMe for her sister Shannon Lynn.

On October 26th, Lynn suffered from a headache, trouble breathing, and experienced numbing in her arm.

After rushing to the emergency room, doctors concluded that Lynn had a heart attack.

The heart attack was accompanied by a low blood count, which caused oxygen deficiencies in her vital organs.

Doctors were concerned that Lynn may have had a blockage and ordered a colonoscopy as well as an endoscopy. While in the procedure, Lynn aspirated and her heart stopped.

“We lost her for seven minutes that Thursday,” Lynn’s sister wrote. Lynn was brought back but unable to breathe on her own; the doctors were forced to place Lynn on a ventilator.

GofundMe; pictured above is Shannon Lynn

“Walking into the hospital that day and seeing my sister hooked up to so many machines and unresponsive absolutely broke our family,” her sister continued, “We thought we were going to lose her and the pain was unbearable.”

Lindsey describes her sister as unbelievably strong; she never lets anyone or anything get in the way of what’s important to her.

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