After Celebrating At Her 21st Birthday Party, She Was Discovered Close To Death Along A Highway Under Mysterious Circumstances: It’s Been 25 Years Since Her Murder And There Are Still More Questions Than Answers In Her Cold Case

Iowa City, Iowa. Laura Van Wyhe lived in Iowa City, Iowa, along with her 14-month-old little boy Sam and her mom.

Laura was no longer in a relationship with Sam’s father, Donald, but they were still close, and on October 25th, 1996, she made her way to a party that Donald’s family was throwing her to celebrate her 21st birthday.

At around 6 that evening, Donald came along with his brother to pick up Laura and Sam so they could head to the party that was being held in Bonaparte, Iowa, at the house of Donald’s mom.

Everyone made it to the party, including Laura, at approximately 7:30 p.m.

The party was over at around 11, and since there wasn’t enough room for Laura and Sam to sleep over at Donald’s mom’s house, they left with Donald’s sister Sarah and her family to stay the night at their home in Kahoka, Missouri.

It took about 30 minutes for Laura, Sam, Sarah, and Sarah’s family to arrive in Kahoka. Sarah and her family made up their living room for Laura and Sam to sleep in, and everyone went to bed.

Just hours later, a truck driver headed along Highway 136 in Kahoka spotted something just off the shoulder of the highway that did not appear right to him.

He pulled his truck over, got out, and began walking towards what had caught his eye, never expecting it to be a young woman, but that’s exactly what he found.

Facebook; pictured above is Laura

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