After Celebrating At Her 21st Birthday Party, She Was Discovered Close To Death Along A Highway Under Mysterious Circumstances: It’s Been 25 Years Since Her Murder And There Are Still More Questions Than Answers In Her Cold Case

It was Laura lying there, and though she was not conscious, she was breathing. He was able to call for help at a local gas station, and when he hurried back to the highway, a police officer had already arrived on the scene.

At first, this officer thought perhaps the truck driver had been the one to hit Laura, but it quickly was determined that was not what had happened to her at all in those early morning hours of October.

“According to police records, the scene did not show the typical signs of a vehicular-pedestrian collision,” a Facebook page created by Laura’s friend Anne Champion explained.

“As an officer stated at the inquest, “There wasn’t much blood at the scene where she was lying. We were perplexed—you’ve seen animals struck by a vehicle and being propelled down the road and there is usually debris from where they were struck. In this case, there was not a lot of blood nor was there any debris at the scene. It is my belief, from my years of investigations, that she was not hit at that spot, she was struck somewhere else and put at that spot. I don’t believe the truck driver hit her.”

“He further stated, “The jacket she was wearing was clean–no sign of wear and tear–no sign of any debris on it and no blood was found on it,” as you would expect if she had been wearing it when hit by a truck. Nor were there signs she had dragged herself to that spot.”

“When she was found, she was lightly grasping a water bottle, which was sitting upright—in her left hand—which is improbable, at best, if she’d just been struck by a truck. Moreover, the truck was examined for signs it had been involved in a collision, including testing flesh found on the flaps, and none was found (the flesh was not human flesh).”

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There were multiple strange things about what Laura had been found wearing and what she had around her that gave the police pause.

Laura had two pairs of pants on her, one of which was too big for her, and she also had on a black jacket that she did not own.

The jacket itself was a curious thing, because Laura had lost such an enormous amount of blood from a wound on her head that the shirts she was wearing were soaked, yet, the jacket had no blood on it.

Additionally, the jacket was basically in pristine condition, which is odd, because if Laura had been hit by a car, that jacket would have been torn up in some way. The pants Laura had on did have rips in them, however.

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