For The Past 7 Years She’s Suffered From Seizures And Strokes Yet Fought To Get Better When Doctors Never Thought She Would: Now Her Sweet Son Is Trying To Make Sure She Can Regain Her Independence

“She went three years without a seizure. THREE YEARS. She was happy and thriving.”

Then, in April of this year, Susan experienced another seizure after being able to go three years without issues.

Along with this third seizure, Susan began having terrible pain in her stomach, which doctors couldn’t figure out the cause of.

Susan’s stomach pains went on to cause her to lose a lot of blood, which resulted in a stroke in May of this year.

“With the doctors struggling to understand the source of her pain, she had yet ANOTHER stroke in July, which she is currently working hard to recover from,” Shawn said.

“Additionally, she had to have a 4-hour major small intestine surgery to fix her blood loss issue. As a result of the stroke, she now suffers from Aphasia and Perseveration but has made a lot of progress in acute and subacute rehab over the past 3 months.”

“She can no longer stay at the subacute rehab and will be discharged in a week. She doesn’t deserve to start all over at an assisted living facility where she would be miserable and depressed.  She deserves every chance at happiness.”

GoFundMe; pictured above Shawn smiles with his mom Susan

Shawn is trying to raise enough money to help cover the costs of a caretaker for his mom, so she can return home and get back her independence.

“The goal is to give this wonderful, brave, strong, and fierce-spirited woman another chance,” Shawn sweetly wrote.

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