He Refused To Take Care Of His Teen Sister With Cerebral Palsy And He’s Telling The Internet He Feels Like An “Evil Person” For Making This Choice

He told his mom they need to figure out the best idea for Emma’s care since he can’t be expected to take it on, and he suggested a “care home.”

Emma was wildly upset to hear that he can’t care for her, and she pleaded with him to change his mind.

The reality is, he accepted a job offer that will require him to travel frequently, and he can’t maintain the life he wants to have while also having to be burdened with Emma’s care.

His mom began crying when he made it clear what his choice was, and his mom begged him to change his entire life for his sister.

“I feel like an evil person and the worst brother on earth for this decision, but I only have one life and my dreams are just on the horizon,” he continued.

“I really hope this conversation isn’t brought upon again at Christmas because I will break down.”

The last few years have been awfully hard for him, and the next few months will be as well.

He thinks this new job he accepted is the path for him to have everything he wants career-wise, and being Emma’s caregiver will take all of that away from him.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“First off, condolences all around, and you and your sister and mom are all in tough situations. But I think you’re right, it’s going to be most feasible for you to find an alternative solution than becoming her full-time caretaker.”

“But you still need to put in work to ensure she’s taken care of and getting the care she needs. In the long run that might be easier if you have a career and independent life.”

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