Her Teen Neighbor Creepily Lurks Around In The Dark Waiting For Her To Come Home And She’s Asking The Internet For Help With Handling This

It just so happens that the neighborhood she lives in does have a lot of petty crime happening, so she’s not sure why John’s grandma lets him be out there.

“Over the past week or so, John has been coming up to me when I get off of work, trying to start a conversation and addressing me by name or bringing up personal details about my family, which is strange because I’ve never introduced myself to him and my family steers clear of them for the most part,” she continued.

She was creeped out by this but figured it was pretty harmless. That all changed when she came home one night at around 12:30 and found John right there in her front yard.

“I told my mom about this and she told me to keep an eye out because there was an incident a couple of years ago when John exposed himself “accidentally” to an elementary school-aged girl and her dad ended up calling the cops.”

She thinks John’s grandma is intentionally ignoring what he’s doing and she’s not sure if it would be alright to bring it up to them that they need to pay better attention to John.

She then wonders if it would be wrong of her, “for telling them to keep John inside at night and not let him onto other people’s properties?”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“But don’t tell them to keep him inside. Just tell them what’s going on and your worries and let them decide what to do.”


“…If it’s at all possible, have your parents talk to his guardians. You’re not at all wrong for being uncomfortable, but a lot people get defensive of their children and extra defensive when their parenting is attacked even if they do something wrong, so it’s not a great situation to put yourself into if your parents are willing to help.”


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