Her Best Friend Slept With The Guy That Assaulted Her And She Wants The Internet To Tell Her If She’s Overreacting

A young woman says her best friend slept with the guy that assaulted her…and her friend knows this happened.

She needs the internet to tell her if she’s overreacting, but the internet overwhelmingly insists this friend is a terrible person.

“I do not go into detail about me being…assaulted because it doesn’t have any impact on the story or the advice I’m seeking,” she started out by saying.

“Assault is assault period.”

“I’m so hurt right now. I honestly don’t know if I even have a right to be.”

“A couple of days ago I found out someone who I had considered a close friend slept with the guy who assaulted me.”

“I know a while back she started talking to him, she sought out his Snapchat of her own volition from a mutual and began to text/flirt with him.”

“I was a little upset and I asked her why?”

Her friend said she was trying to “teach him a lesson,” but she admits she doesn’t understand that answer at all.

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