Her Best Friend Slept With The Guy That Assaulted Her And She Wants The Internet To Tell Her If She’s Overreacting

She replied to her friend that it wasn’t necessary for her to do that, and it made her very uncomfortable as well.

She ended up not seeing her for a bit, but then they recently hung out.

“This is when she told me that she did, in fact, go through with meeting him and that they slept together,” she continued.

“Again I asked her why and she told me “I just wanted to see what you were talking about”…”

Her friend then went into details about hooking up with this guy, before insisting she didn’t see why she was upset. She also said she had a nice time.

“I know I can’t police what people do with their body and if she wanted to sleep with him she can but she only knew who he was because I had told her everything that had happened to me.”

She thinks her friend doesn’t believe her and considers her to be lying about everything.

“It took me so long to finally heal and feel whole again that this just kinda took me down a notch,” she said.

“Even when she was talking to me about it, it really felt like she was belittling what happened and that I was overreacting.”

She is having a hard time moving forward with this friend still in her life and feels that her behavior just rubbed everything right in her face.

She’s left feeling upset and worried that she’s being too dramatic, and she thinks she might have to cut this friend out of her life.

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