Her Best Friend Told Her If She Doesn’t Change Her Hair Color She Can’t Be The Maid Of Honor And The Wedding Is In A Few Days

She refused to change her hair color, and her best friend pretty much freaked out on her.

“Of course she got mad, saying I’m being immature, selfish, and ungrateful,” she said. “She then suggested I can just go to Walmart and get black box dye.”

Anyone who knows anything about hair knows that it is a terrible idea to box dye your hair if it has already been colored in the way that her hair has been.

That’s just asking for issues.

“I told her if she had some issue with it, she should of said something months ago,” she continued.

“But since it’s days before the wedding, I’m not putting my hair through that. I even told her that my hair has been falling out some due to stress over her wedding, things that have been happening to my body, and the death of my aunt earlier this week.”

Her best friend mentioned that if she did not change her hair to be a different color, she’s going to no longer be the maid of honor at the wedding.

Greatly upset by this, she can’t figure out why her best friend is making this demand out of seemingly nowhere.

She’s thinking maybe some of her best friend’s family members have pressured her into this, and now she is trying to talk to her best friend’s fiancé in an effort to get to a better place on everything before Saturday.

How would you deal with this?

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