Her Ex-Boyfriend Stood Outside Of Her Apartment All Night, Holding A Gun, And The Internet Is Horrified

A 17-year-old’s ex-boyfriend stood outside of her apartment all night while holding a gun.

She was dating him for about two months, but then she found out he sexually assaulted a girl at a party, so she ended things.

“That was around 8 months ago, I’ve so far found a different guy that I am dating now, however, we are in a long-distance relationship so he can’t even be here to support me,” she explained.

Not long after she broke up with her ex though, he began stalking her. At first, she didn’t feel like it was threatening her safety.

He would follow her at school. He would comment on her social media accounts. He occasionally mailed her letters apologizing.

So sure, all of those things don’t sound terribly frightening or as a cause for concern at all.

However, then he went completely silent and stopped doing everything. She figured he had maybe just moved on.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

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