Her Fiancé Is Insisting On Inviting The Boy Who Bullied Her Throughout Middle School And High School To Their Wedding

“I told my fiancé this and made it clear there’s no way I’m letting this guy come and he defended him basically saying everyone was an asshole in high school and we were adults now so I should forgive and forget,” she said.

The worst part about this was her fiancé then decided to bring her bully to her house and have him say sorry to her.

Her bully did apologize, though he insisted he did not recall ever bullying her throughout their childhood.

She told him to get off her front lawn, along with some other choice words, and now her fiancé is pissed at her for being mean to his friend.

She and her fiancé wound up screaming at one another over all this, and her fiancé is absolutely not taking her childhood bully off the guest list.

Her response to this was to tell her fiancé to marry her bully instead of her, and that’s where they now stand.

How would you deal with this?

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