Her Friend Launched Into Bridezilla Mode After Demanding She Dogsit During The Honeymoon

That’s the backstory on the dog, and her friend brought up watching the dog by essentially saying to her, “Hey. So you’ll take the dog when we leave!”

She made it clear to her friend that she could watch the dog for the 9 days of the honeymoon, but only if it would be at her friend’s home.

She did tell her friend she was uncomfortable with the dog being at her house because of her concern for the wellbeing of all the animals she lives with.

In response to that, her friend said, “The dog will be fine!” Her friend then walked away from the conversation, without acknowledging her feelings or concerns at all.

A few days after that conversation, she got the news that she was approved to adopt a kitten that she and her brother had been trying to get for their mom.

The kitten needs to live with her in her house until they gift the kitty to their mom at Christmas, and she decided to text her friend the bride to see if she would be able to borrow the puppy pen her friend had bought.

Her friend immediately texted back, saying, “Wait. What? No. You said you’d take the dog! Now you’re getting a kitten? Why’d you lie and say you’re taking the dog?”

She pointed out to her friend that she never lied to her at all, she simply stated she could only watch her friend’s dog if it was going to remain at her friend’s house.

“She exploded,” she explained. “Saying how I was backing out and not trustworthy and that she’s was stressed out.”

“I acknowledged that she was stressed and I would do anything to help, but I would not be going out of my comfort zone to watch an aggressive dog on my animal-filled property. She reminds me that she’s stressed about her cat dying and that I don’t know what stress actually is.”

This greatly hurt her to have her friend say because her grandpa died one day before they were going to the bachelorette party.

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