Her Friends Hang Out With The Guy Who Stalks And Harasses Her So She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Worth Losing Her Friends Over

She made it very clear that she was not comfortable hanging out with this guy because of the fact that he had spent more than two years harassing and stalking her.

“It made me feel stressed and anxious, and I told them that,” she said. “They said it’s only for the 10 minutes before the class starts, and I told them any number of minutes I’m around him and they’re being friendly with him makes it feel like they’re invalidating my experience.”

“They told me to suck it up for 10 minutes so we can all go back to everything being okay. I told them I wasn’t going to put myself in an uncomfortable position just to hang out with them.”

Her friends accused her of being “unreasonable” and they took her off their group text. She’s left feeling like she does need to just deal, otherwise, she’s at risk of losing all her friends.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“If they’re unhappy to let you remove yourself from the situation, without even asking them to not associate with this person, they are not your friends.”

“Real friends wouldn’t expect you to risk your mental health to make things ‘normal’.”


“When people are willing to raise up a known stalker and harasser and elevate them above you, they are not your friends.”

“They will accept your terror and horror as a price to pay to maintain group solidarity. That is not an acceptable price to pay. Find people that care about you and your well-being.”


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